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About Us
Quick Work is a freelance service that was set up in Sri Lanka with the principle aim of providing high-quality support to local and international people. Our main aim is to provide services to individuals who are very busy with their day to day work and do not have time to concentrate of other areas of interest, along with growing their own businesses. As well as work that is related to the home E.g Plumbing work, Bathroom construction and fitting and electrical work. At Quick Work we are equipped with the important tools for providing our clients and customers with explicit services that will allow them to focus on other issues that they are engaged in.
We take total responsibility for the work we will do for you. Apart from the above, our professional staff of freelancers is equipped with the knowledge, know-how and expertise that you need for any of your projects and we are just a call way from it all.
We are flexible enough to meet any budget as we value our customers and their needs as a top priority area. Our portfolio consists of customers who have been happy with our work and who patronize our services on a continuous basis.
We look forward to your patronage and are confident that you will join our (freelancers) portfolio of satisfied customers, once you have utilized our services. Hence we invite you to indulge in a tour of our website, which we are sure will prompt you to use our services.

Vision Statement

 Is to be the pioneer in upgrading the skills of all persons who are talented by projecting their expertise to national and international levels.

Mission Statement

To serve the community whose hidden talent is exposed via the assistance of our company and to be actual guardians to each and every person to project their talent, sans discrimination.

Objectives of the QuickWork

  • Focus on Customer Service – Good customer service will assist the company in retaining customers.  The company’s objective is to keep customers happy with the services provided.
  • Productivity – Enhancing productivity all the time with a view to uplifting the skills of those who cannot project their skills to the national and international markets.
  • Mission-driven core values – Keeping abreast of the values of the mission of the company.
  • Sustainable Growth – Planning the growth of the company on future projections.
  • Forging ahead of competition – Carrying out periodical analysis on competitor action and staying ahead of same in the market.
  • Getting and Staying Profitable – Last but not least enhancing a profitable business for the company with the core values and objectives stated herein.